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Q. I have an electric vehicle but have never taken it camping. Do any campsites in Oregon offer EV charging ports?

A. Yes! Electric vehicles are great for camping trips!

While we don’t know of any Oregon campgrounds with dedicated EV chargers, recreational vehicle campsites already offer electric power for charging — typically both 240-volt and 120-volt outlets. If you’re going to stay at the same campsite for a couple days, you can use the portable 120-volt charger that came with your car. Just be sure to plug in when you arrive, since it only adds about four miles each hour it is charged.

Consider a 240-volt portable charger

If you’re changing campgrounds each day, or doing lots of driving while you’re camped, you’ll want to invest in a portable 240-volt charger. While these units cost hundreds of dollars, they can charge an EV two to four times faster than the standard 120-volt charger.

RV parks have different types of 240-volt outlets with different ratings. You might want to call ahead to find out what they offer. Look for a 240-volt portable charger that comes with adapters for the different types of outlets. You can also find adapters at a store that sells RV accessories. Always follow manufacturers’ recommendations on using adapters with the charger.

Get a “fill-up” at a fast-charging station

Keep in mind there are more than 130 EV quick-charge spots in Oregon. If your EV is capable of quick charging, you may be able to find one close to your camping destination. offers a map of charging locations.

Electrical outlet makes “roughing it” easier

If you reserve an RV site, plan ahead for the many other ways you can take advantage of the electric power you’ll have. You can use it to make coffee, cook breakfast on an electric griddle, or even illuminate your campsite at night with a string of lights!

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