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Planting for our future

Substation landscaping demonstrates sustainability approach.

AT PGE, we use an integrated approach to sustainability. We call it People, Planet and Performance. That means we evaluate major business decisions with social, environmental and economic impacts in mind.

People, Planet and Performance

Our new landscaping approach at our Tabor Substation in Southeast Portland is one example of the three Ps — People, Planet, Performance — in action.

Trees and bushes help substations blend into neighborhoods, plus they’re good for the environment. But if the plantings grow too big, they can conflict with the equipment and cause power outages.

At the Tabor Substation, which is setting the standard for our landscape design moving forward, we removed some dangerous trees while trimming others to so they no longer presented a hazard. We also added native plants that look great year-round and don’t need a lot of care or watering. This solution:

  • Reduces the risk of power outages while also keeping the neighborhood looking nice > People
  • Preserves tree canopy, adds native plants, reduces water-thirsty plants > Planet
  • Reduces long-term maintenance costs and improves safety and reliability > Performance

Want to know more about People, Planet, Performance? Read our 2015 Sustainability Update.