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Q. We have a power line running through our backyard and a tree is growing up right next to it. Will PGE come out and trim the tree?

A. Sometimes we do, depending on circumstances. If a tree looks like it’s posing a danger to a power line (and not some other sort of utility line, such as a phone or cable line), we want to know about it so we can assess the situation and take action if needed.

We have a robust tree-maintenance program with a number of foresters on staff who direct our highly trained contract tree crews.

About every two to three years, the tree crews will visit your area to inspect and prune trees along power line rights of way. We look for branches that are close to power lines as well as branches that could fall during a storm and hit a line. We also search for diseased or dying trees.

To be wise stewards of customer dollars, we prioritize trees that pose a hazard to our lines, endangering reliability and safety. Usually, the trees we trim are planted in a parking strip directly below lines and have grown too tall. Sometimes we also prune branches that are too close to a power line even if the tree is outside the power line right of way.

If you think your tree may be posing a hazard to a utility line, fill out our online request form or call our PGE Tree Hotline at 800-544-1794.

Learn more about our Tree Maintenance program.