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What to do if your power goes out

How to stay safe, report outages or downed lines and get updates.

With powerful storms blowing through the Northwest right now, we’re ready to respond rapidly to power outages. We want you to be ready too if your lights go out. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Keep your outage kit handy. If you haven’t assembled a kit yet, it’s not too late. See Prepare My Home for a list of what to gather up and put in a box. Then, put the kit in a convenient spot so you’re not scrambling in the dark if your power goes out.
  • Know your four options for reporting an outage:
    • Online:
    • Mobile: Visit mobile-friendly on your smartphone for quick links
    • Phone: 503-464-7777 (Portland) or 800-544-1795
  • For the latest outage updates, follow us on Twitter and Facebook
  • If your power goes out, turn off all electrical equipment to prevent possible power-surge damage. But leave one outside light and one inside light switched on. That way, both you and PGE crews will see instantly when power is restored to your home.
  • If you see a downed line, stay away! Call PGE immediately at 503-464-7777 in Portland or 800-544-1795. Assume any line is energized and dangerous. With so much rain, it’s important to keep in mind that electricity can travel through standing water.

Learn more about what do if your power is out, including generator safety, food safety and how to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning. You can also watch a video that explains the seven steps we take to restore your power safely.