Weather storms easier

Four key things to remember if your power goes out. Plus: See how we restore power.

Winter has been battering our area with storms that sometimes bring down utility lines and trigger power outages. Here are four tips that make it a little easier to weather the storms. Plus, watch a video to learn the steps we take to restore power as quickly and safely as possible.

1. Use our improved website to report an outage and get information

Report online in a flash, and check our outage map and list. You can also report an outage by phone — 800-544-1795 — or text (To register your mobile phone now for texting with PGE, sign into your PGE account).

2. Grab your outage kit

Don’t have one? Put a flashlight and other key items in a box now, and keep it in a handy spot. What to include in your outage kit.

3. Turn off electrical equipment

This reduces the load on the system as power is restored. Leave on one light and your porch light so you and line crews can see when your power is back.

4. See a downed line? Stay away and call PGE.

Our outage and emergency line is 800-544-1795.

How do we restore your power?

When a major storm or event hits, we work as quickly as safety allows to get your power back on.