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Weatherize now! Here's how

Save on heating and keep your home cozy with effective weatherization steps.

Would you like to control heating bills and make your home more comfortable in all seasons? Then make weatherization a priority. Blocking air leaks keeps warm air inside and cold air out in winter. You stay cozy, and your heat doesn't have to run as often. (Come summer, you’ll save on cooling.)

Simple, do-it-yourself steps

Here are some easy, low-cost energy savers you can tackle over a weekend:

  • Install removable rope caulk or cord weatherstripping along window frames that don’t seal tightly.
  • Add door sweeps and weatherstripping to exterior doors.
  • Put insulating gaskets behind light switch plates and electrical outlets, especially on exterior walls.
  • Block heat loss up the chimney with a plastic fireplace balloon or pillow that inflates into place in the flue. (Remove it before starting a fire).
  • Use foundation vent covers to stop wind and cold air from creeping in under your house. (Remove them in spring.)
  • Spray expanding foam sealant to close up openings where plumbing pipes exit through the wall.
  • Install temporary, heat-shrink plastic window film over old, leaky windows.

Seal and insulate — get cash back

Maybe your home needs a more comprehensive sealing and insulating job. If your home was built before 1980, chances are it doesn’t have enough insulation. You could save up to 20 percent on heating and cooling costs.*

Learn about Energy Trust of Oregon cash incentives on qualifying weatherization projects.

Download the Do-it-Yourself Guide to Sealing and Insulating with ENERGY STAR®.

Free, hands-on workshops

Need some help getting started? Check out free Community Energy Project workshops in basic weatherization and do-it-yourself attic insulation. The workshops through this nonprofit group are open to everyone.

Weatherization assistance

You may be eligible for free help weatherizing your home if you meet income guidelines. If you rent, you may receive assistance if your landlord agrees to have the work done.

Find out if you qualify for weatherization assistance.

*Source: Environmental Protection Agency. Savings will vary based on individual circumstances.