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Portland Winter Light Festival

Community-wide celebration illuminates the city’s public spaces with installations by premier light artists, Feb. 1-3.

The Portland Winter Light Festival will once again illuminate the Portland cityscape Feb. 1-3, turning the city into a tapestry of light, color, artistry performance and imagination.

This free, all-ages community celebration, presented by PGE and powered by PGE renewable energy, will light up Portland’s public spaces with installations by premier artists and designers.

New this year, experience a 3D virtual mirror, dance performances, shadow puppet shows and more at PGE’s headquarters located at the World Trade Center.

See the Portland Winter Light Festival’s schedule, and learn about participating artists. And be sure to catch the Portland Spirit, which offers free rides back and forth across the river. Departures take place at the top of the hour, on both sides of the river, from 6-11 p.m.