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Planning for a clean, bright future

Learn how we plan to meet your energy needs today, tomorrow and over the long term.

In the coming years, PGE will be bringing more renewable energy online while also keeping your electricity reliable and affordable.

It’s all part of a resource planning process guided by regulators with input from customers and other stakeholders.

Our 2016 resource plan highlights how we will:

  • First, work to help people save energy or shift when they use it (so we won’t need as much new generation).
  • Then, bring on more renewables and other resources.

How much renewable energy will we add? By 2020, more than 20 percent of our energy will come from renewable resources like wind and solar. Then by 2040, more than 50 percent will come from renewable power.

Want to know more? View our resource plan and see how you can weigh in.