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How to pick the right tree for your yard

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Q. Is it okay to plant a tree in the parking strip if there are power lines overhead?

A. It depends on how big the tree will get. You should plant only low-growing trees below power lines. Follow the “right tree, right place” guidelines listed below to improve safety around your home, lessen maintenance hassles and reduce the risk of tree-related power outages.

How to pick the right tree for your yard

Zone 1 — Parking strip under power lines: Stick with low-growing trees. Also consider the shape or spread of the tree; a species with a spreading crown is better suited to a wider parking strip.

Zone 2 — Front/side yard: Small to medium trees are appropriate here, depending the size of your yard. Medium-sized trees require large private lawn areas.

Zone 3 — Backyard: Any size of tree is okay, depending on the size of your yard. Large trees require a large yard.

See Tree Maintenance for more information, and download these guides: