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Storms ahead? Let’s prepare together

We're ready to roll if the power goes out. Here’s how you can get prepared.

Throughout the year, we work to power your day safely and reliably. That includes strengthening the power grid to help prevent power outages. And if wild weather does knock out power, we’re prepared to respond quickly to get you connected again. Before storms hit, we encourage you to be ready, too.

4 steps to take now

1. Keep an outage kit handy

  • Flashlight
  • Car charger for cellphone or tablet
  • Battery-powered radio
  • Battery-powered or wind-up alarm clock
  • Extra batteries
  • Emergency phone numbers, including PGE outage numbers

2. Know how to report an outage

  • Online: Go to mobile-friendly
  • Phone: Call 503-464-7777 (Portland) or 800-544-1795.

3. Stay connected

Follow us on social media for outage updates:
Twitter: @PortlandGeneral
Facebook: Portland General Electric

4. Learn next steps and other key tips

Make sure you know how to open your garage door manually so your car isn’t trapped if the power goes out.

See our Outage Info section for more information on preparing your home, backup generator safety and how we restore power.