Responding efficiently to outages

That’s a great question. Thanks for asking.

Q. When my power went out, I saw a PGE truck in my neighborhood. It left, but why is my power still out?

The truck you saw was probably what we call an “eagle.” It’s one lineworker in a small bucket truck that’s often first on a scene. The truck is outfitted with the equipment and tools needed to fix many of the most common types of outages. The lineworker evaluates the damage and makes repairs that can be completed safely by one person.

If it’s a more complex repair, the eagle lets our dispatchers know the size of crew and type of equipment needed. If there is a downed line or fallen tree, the lineworker secures the area and may call in flaggers to divert traffic before moving on to the next outage or downed line.

A tree crew may arrive next if there are fallen trees or big branches that need to be cleared before repairs can be made.

Larger multi-person repair crews then follow to perform more complex repairs, working with any special equipment like new power poles and pole setter teams, as needed.

Whatever the case in your neighborhood, you can be assured that we haven’t forgotten about you, and we are working to restore power as quickly as safety allows.

To see how we prioritize repairs during a major outage, view our “7 Steps” video.