Decarbonize your drive

Choose an electric vehicle and renewable energy for clean transportation!

Did you know that 40 percent of Oregon’s carbon emissions come from transportation?* That makes driving the biggest single source of carbon pollution in our state.

Switching from fossil fuels to electricity to power our vehicles is a critical step toward a clean, carbon-free energy future. (PGE’s power mix is already 40 percent carbon-free, and we’re on track to be at 70 percent by 2040.) When paired with renewable energy, electric vehicles become a zero-carbon way to get around.

Show your EV love

Here are a few ways you can support EVs:

  1. Ride the bus. TriMet is partnering with PGE to purchase and support five electric buses.
  2. Take an electric cab. Some taxi, ride-share and car-sharing services already offer EVs.
  3. Make your next purchase or lease an EV. Manufacturer discounts, a $7,500 federal tax credit and a new, $2,500 Oregon incentive make EVs cost-competitive with gasoline alternatives.

5 reasons to go electric for your next vehicle

  1. Zero emissions
  2. Easy charging at home
  3. More than 1,000 charging stations across Oregon
  4. More than two dozen models in different price ranges
  5. Sports-car performance at half the fuel costs

1,000,000+ clean miles

PGE is helping pave the way to a cleaner transportation future. Since we installed our Electric Avenue charging stations at Portland’s World Trade Center in 2015, we’ve powered more than one million miles of EV driving — all with 100 percent renewable energy. That’s equivalent to driving across Oregon 2,500 times, carbon free!

Learn more about electric vehicles.

*Source: 2017 Oregon Global Warming Commission Report