Let's work together to avoid tree-related outages

That's a great question. Thanks for asking.

Q. Does PGE trim trees near power lines?

Yes, we evaluate and prune trees growing along power line rights of way every two to three years. Our robust tree maintenance program helps prevent tree-related power outages.

You can do your part by pruning any trees in your yard that are growing outside the power line rights of way but still close to power lines. But use caution before any pruning or removal. Follow basic outdoor electrical safety rules. Call our tree hotline at 800-544-1794 or use our online request form. We can help you assess the safest way to do the work. Consider consulting with an arborist who is trained to work near power lines.

You can also help prevent outages by following “right tree, right place” guidelines. Plant only low-growing trees near utility lines. Many cities have lists of street-friendly trees approved for parking strips, so check with your municipality before planting. Or check with Friends of Trees, our longtime partner, for information about neighborhood tree plantings.

To learn more about selecting, planting or pruning a tree, check our Tree Maintenance section for free guides.

“Right tree, right place” guidelines really hit home for Melissa Quinn, who won our tree sweepstakes drawing last fall. Her prize was eight hours of work by PGE contractors who removed three problem trees from her Hillsboro yard. One was an overly large backyard tree the PGE arborist warned could cause a lot of maintenance issues in the future. “I was excited to win,” said Melissa. “It was good to have the expert tree advice and to get these problems fixed.”