You can encourage more green power

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Q. Does signing up for renewable power with PGE really make a difference?

A. Our Green FutureSM program makes it simple to support renewable power. When you enroll, we purchase renewable energy, such as wind and solar, from nearby renewable energy facilities in an amount equal to your purchase. By demonstrating your demand for renewable power, you vote with your dollars and encourage future development.

Already, more than 175,000 people have signed up, and for just a few dollars extra a month, you can too. Together, we can make a real impact on the environment and build a better future for all!

You have a choice of local renewable power options through Green Future

  • Green SourceSM: 100 percent of your monthly usage is purchased from renewable sources.
  • Clean WindSM: Select wind power in 200-kilowatt-hour units (200 kWh is about 28.5 percent of an average home’s monthly usage in our area).

Estimate your costs and sign up for renewable power.

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