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Creative thinking drives us to more EVs

Employee initiative is part of our sustainability story.

One of our maintenance managers, Craig Tylenda, saw an opportunity to reduce his plant's greenhouse-gas footprint, while showing employees what it’s like to walk the talk of "going electric."

In the past, the plant's work vehicles were primarily gas- and diesel-powered pickup trucks. Tylenda took it upon himself to research viable alternatives and determined a smaller fleet of electric vehicles could meet their needs.

When the time came to retire those gas vehicles, the plant replaced six full-sized pickup trucks with four fully electric Polaris GEM vehicles, three fully equipped industrial tricycles and a pair of bicycles. And, while a few full-sized trucks will be kept for specialized applications, like providing a portable welding platform, EVs will continue to be integrated into the fleet.

In addition to providing equal performance to their less sustainable counterparts, the vehicles are also quieter, more fuel efficient and idle with no exhaust.

This is just one story of how we’re making choices across the company to promote our sustainability culture. Learn more in our most recent Sustainability Report.