Help us prevent power outages

Remember “right tree, right place” to help avoid problems.

Trees are pretty amazing: They provide beauty and wildlife habitat, clean the air, and, by shading our homes, help us save energy on cooling. But if trees are too close to power lines, falling limbs can sometimes trigger power outages.

We do our part to help prevent tree-related outages through a rigorous maintenance program. Our crews trim all the trees along power line rights of way on a two- to three-year cycle.

You can do your part, too. Use our “right tree, right place” guidelines, (below) when choosing and planting trees. You’ll not only help prevent power outages in your neighborhood, but you’ll also have fewer tree-trimming hassles.

Right tree

See our free tree guides for selecting, planting, pruning and removal. You’ll also see a link to Friends of Trees, which we’ve teamed up with for more than 25 years to help Oregonians plant the right tree in the right place.