Teaming up on a first-ever emergency hub

PREPHub will provide crucial services to Portland residents during a disaster

Through a partnership, we’re looking to learn how we could help you if an earthquake or other disaster hits.

Together with the City of Portland, Portland State University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, we’re designing a PREPHub, an innovative solution to emergency preparedness. This new type of infrastructure will provide crucial services, including power access and communications during a disaster.

The PREPHub will look like public art, featuring interactive elements. PGE will power it with energy from the electric grid. If disaster strikes, it becomes a community meeting place. Plus, solar and pedal power will supplement stored energy, extending the life of emergency equipment and allowing people to charge their cell phones.

The first PREPHub in this pilot will be located on the PSU campus and is expected to be installed in mid-2019.