Why we’re making the grid smarter

A more modern electrical system will serve you better.

More than 100 years ago, we built the nation’s first long-distance electric lines. Back then, electricity flowed in a one-way stream from where it’s generated to where it’s used.

Today, we’re using that same pioneering spirit to reimagine the system and make it more flexible, resilient and integrated — in a word, smarter. It uses the two-way exchange of electricity and information to make the grid even more efficient and reliable for you.

More options for you

As new technologies emerge, the smart grid also gives you the ability to do things like use the cleanest energy sources available, lower your household energy costs and partner with us to reduce Oregon’s carbon footprint.

So what does the smart grid look like?

Do you have solar panels on your home that allow you to sell excess power back to us? That’s part of the smart grid. Or maybe you’ve installed a smart thermostat that automatically adjusts your temperature to save money or even earn you cash from PGE. That’s another example of the smart grid in action. It allows existing and developing technologies to work together.

Why does it matter?

Reliability and security are just the start. We all want affordable, safe and clean energy to keep us connected to what matters most. That requires things like:

  • More wind and solar energy.
  • A battery storage system to capture that energy and save it for when it’s needed.
  • Electric vehicle infrastructure, disaster recovery systems and other modernization.
  • Programs to manage electricity demand on the hottest and coldest days, to help keep prices lower.

A smart grid is the foundation that helps us deliver a more reliable, integrated and clean energy future. Learn more about what we’re doing to develop the smart grid and how you play a role.