Downed line? 3 key rules to keep you safe

Follow advice from our experts to stay out of danger.

Our crews take extensive safety measures working around power lines — their lives depend on it. So here’s their best advice to keep you safe if a storm knocks down a line in your neighborhood this winter.

1. Downed or sagging line? Stay back! Call PGE immediately at 503-464-7777 or 800-544-1795.

2. No sparks? It can still be dangerous. Assume any line you see is live and hazardous — even lines that look insulated. Don’t touch anything or anyone in contact with a line.

3. Wire on your car? Stay put. Wait until help arrives and power is cut off. You’re safer inside the car because tires act as insulators; you could be electrocuted if you get out and touch the ground and car at the same time. If you must get out of the car because it’s on fire, jump clear of the car with both feet together, then shuffle far away.

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