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How we get you back in power

That’s a great question. Thanks for asking.

Q: My power went out last week and I saw a PGE truck outside, and then it drove away but my power was still out. What gives?

We respond to power outages in a way that makes the most efficient use of our crews. Often, you’ll first see what we call an “eagle” — one lineworker in a small bucket truck who assesses the situation. If it’s damage that can be done safely by one person, that lineworker will get to work.

If it’s a more complex repair, the eagle then notifies our dispatchers of the type of crew and equipment needed. (Chances are, that was the situation with the outage in your neighborhood.)

If there is a downed line or fallen tree, the eagle will also secure the area and may call in flaggers to divert traffic before moving on to the next outage or downed line. A tree crew may arrive next if there are fallen trees or big branches that need to be cleared before repairs can be made.

Our crews are committed to making repairs as quickly as safety, and Mother Nature, allows. If it’s a major outage, it’s all hands on deck at PGE, and there are many people behind the scenes, such as dispatchers, equipment and storeroom teams, and customer service representatives, all working together to get you back in power.

Watch our video that explains our seven steps to restoring power.