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5 cool tips for summer savings

That’s a great question. Thanks for asking.

Q. How I stay comfortable this summer without running up my energy bill on cooling?

Here are five budget-friendly ideas to help keep your home comfortable during the hot days ahead:

  • Use Energy Tracker to keep an eye on your energy use. Use our free online tool to track when and how you use the most energy, so you can adjust and save.
  • Become a fan of fans. Ceiling and portable fans can keep you cool and cost less to run than air conditioning. You can also use fans with AC and set your thermostat a little higher to stay comfortable for less.
  • Prevent heat build-up inside and your cooling won’t work as hard. Instead of using the stove, grill outside or opt for easy no-cook meals (think summer salads). When possible, delay showers, laundry and dish washing until cooler evening hours.
  • Close window coverings. Cellular shades, insulated curtains and the like help keep cool air inside while blocking sun’s heat.
  • Set cooling a smidge higher. Even 1 to 3 degrees will save energy and money. A smart thermostat can make savings automatic and could earn you rewards.

See our Seasonal Savers for more tips to use during hot weather. Also, check out our limited-time savings offer on heat pumps, which offer an efficient way to cool your home.