You want it. We want it. Let’s make it happen.

More and more customers are asking for clean, renewable energy and PGE is delivering it. We share your desire and are committed to reducing carbon emissions while providing reliable, affordable electricity for everyone.

What we’re doing

As our region grows, we’re planning for new, cost-effective and more sustainable ways to generate electricity. A great example Wheatridge — North America’s first major renewable energy facility that combines wind, solar and battery storage all at one location. We’re also reducing, and in some cases eliminating, fossil fuel sources like our Boardman plant that will stop burning coal by the end of this year.

You play a role too

But a clean energy future doesn’t start and stop with generation. How and when we all use energy also makes a difference. You probably know you can save energy by doing things like turning your thermostat down or using energy efficient products like LEDs. But did you know shifting your energy use away from peak demand times helps balance the clean energy grid? (Learn more about what you can do.)

These small shifts help us keep energy prices lower and maintain a reliable power supply as we eliminate coal and bring more clean energy sources online. They’re also a great example of how we can work together to build the energy future we all want.

By working together, we’ll discover even more ways to help build a cleaner, brighter tomorrow.