The risk of wildfires has been increasing

Let’s work together to lower the impact

As outdoor temperatures rise, so do the risks of wildfires. And because electrical equipment can be the cause of some wildfires, we’re doing more to reduce these risks and keep you safe.

Every year we actively inspect and assess electrical equipment and prune over 2 million trees along 12,000 miles of overhead lines. We also monitor the weather closely for extreme heat, wind and lightning storms and cut back on construction activity and other work in wild areas during these high fire-danger periods.

This work is essential and helps protect our customers and communities from wildfire. And we’re just part of the picture. We also align our efforts with state, local and federal agencies, sharing knowledge and best practices, and learning how we can continue to improve and refine our procedures to reduce the dangers each wildfire season imposes.

Learn more about PGE’s wildfire prevention efforts.