A smoother swim for native salmon

The Gales Creek basin is a high-priority watershed for the recovery of steelhead and coho salmon. But within the basin, several downstream culverts were preventing fish from passing.

Green FutureSM Habitat Support funds contributed $10,000 to a project to replace a failed culvert with a bridge that allows full fish passage. The project also added structures made of large logs and root wads to eight upstream locations. These structures provide additional habitat, giving juvenile fish and spawning adults places to hide and rest.

The project was a partnership among the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, the Oregon Wildlife Foundation, the Tualatin River Watershed Council, private landowners and Weyerhaeuser, which owned the culvert. “Partnering with Weyerhaeuser on a project like this is huge,” says Dave Stewart, ODFW project manager. “They have a lot of roads and a lot of culverts, and successful collaborations like these really solidify a partnership that we expect will lead to more and larger projects over the next few years.”

Help restore local habitats

You can help The Nature Conservancy with local habitat restoration projects like these by adding Green Future Habitat Support for $2.50 a month. Just log in to your PGE account.