The nation’s first Smart Grid Test Bed has officially launched

The Test Bed is a bold, ambitious learning program that aims to give individuals and businesses a larger role in controlling energy costs, reducing their carbon footprint and contributing to a clean energy future.

We’ll use learnings from the Test Bed areas in Hillsboro, Milwaukie and North Portland to reshape how we use energy through new programs, technologies and products for everyone.

The Test Bed will be the hub that brings together separate pieces of technology (like smart devices in your home or business) and energy delivery to produce a more integrated grid for the future.

A flexible smart grid relies on more renewable energy, keeps energy efficient and reliable while still allowing control over the way we use energy in our home or business. It’s a necessary upgrade to meet our shared climate and community goals.

The power of we starts with me

Even if you’re not in a Test Bed neighborhood, there are things you can do today that will integrate with the smart grid in the future and continue to help you build a clean energy future:

  • Sign up for Peak Time Rebates or enroll in Energy Partner. Shifting your energy use during peak times can earn you rebates.
  • Businesses can enroll in PGE’s Energy Partner Smart Thermostat program for free smart thermostats and installation to help your company use less energy when others are using more.
  • Visit the Energy Trust of Oregon to learn about energy efficient appliances and rebates.
  • Buy an electric vehicle. The next time you’re ready for a new car, consider switching to an electric vehicle. It’s cost effective, great for the environment and fun to drive.

Learn more about our groundbreaking Smart Grid Test Bed and other ways you can participate.