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Not all energy is created equal. That’s true with birdfeed, too.

Chris Brindle first became interested in birds while living in Seattle. On a whim he bought a window feeder and set it up to see what it might attract. A few hours later his first guest arrived, an American Goldfinch. He’s been hooked on birds ever since and this coming March, his Salem store Wild Birds Unlimited will celebrate its 25th anniversary.

Early on, Chris realized there was a difference in the quality of birdfeed that was being offered to bird enthusiasts. Some feed has more filler and isn’t regionally formulated. Some doesn’t have the high fat content birds need, especially during winter months and throughout migration. And some is just plain messy, leaving a pile of seeds at the base of feeders.

Wild Birds Unlimited caters to bird and nature lovers who seek high quality bird feed and are passionate about creating backyard habitats and feeding stations that attract a variety of birds. These customers care about their environment and appreciate that many of the store’s bird feeders and birdhouses are manufactured using recycled milk jugs and pop bottles.

It’s this very love of birds, nature and sustainability that led Chris and his wife Karen to enroll in the Green FutureSM renewable energy program. “It was a no-brainer. With what you hear about climate change it can be overwhelming, but this was something I can do at a local level that makes a difference.” said Chris.

We couldn’t agree more. Learn more about Wild Birds Unlimited or Chris’s shop.

Tips to keep bird habitats safe:

  • Make windows safe with screens or film to break up reflections.
  • Reduce grass lawn areas and plant native plants, which provide more shelter and nesting areas and promote insects that birds use as a food source.
  • Avoid pesticides and single-use plastic items.
  • Buy shade-grown coffee, also known as bird-friendly coffee.
  • To support local wildlife habitat beyond your backyard, add Habitat Support to your Green Future option.