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There’s an EV for EVeryone

With a wide variety of electric transportation modes available—from cars, bikes, buses, scooters and even some rideshare programs—there truly is an EV for EVeryone. All these options reduce greenhouse gas emissions and are a fun, practical, cost-effective way to get around town.

EVeryday savings

The new models of EVs are remarkable, offering ranges of over 300 miles with a full battery, more style options and zero emissions. They’re fun to drive and cost effective. Darren Spencer recently purchased a Tesla. “I love it!” He proclaimed. “I did the math before I made this purchase and I used to spend over $150 a month on gas for my (former) Subaru, which is now next to nothing between workplace charging and home charging. And the best thing is the amount I am paying each month for my EV is comparable to what I was paying for my old car. Hands down the best (and most affordable) car I've ever owned.”

EVeryone aboard

Last year, TriMet put into service five all-electric buses in Beaverton. “The buses are amazingly quiet,” said Herman Singleton, who has been with TriMet for three years and was among the first bus operators to drive one of the new, all-electric buses, powered by PGE Clean WindSM. “It doesn’t have the rumble and roar of the typical diesel engine, plus there’s no exhaust.”

EVery mile counts

With significant fuel savings, drivers for popular ride share programs are seeing significant benefits from driving electric. Jared Cadena is a Lyft driver who owns two EVs. “I started in 2015 using a VW e-Golf, but I also use a Tesla model S” said Jared, “The e-Golf works great for morning and evening rush hours and even with two EVs, I’ve hardly noticed any increase in my electric bill.” And if he needed to charge it during the day? There are now seven Electric Avenues available in our area. When charging, Jared says he takes a walk and the “minutes fly by.”