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Improved substations mean greater reliability

Last year, PGE was busy upgrading substations to add capacity and provide more reliability in various parts of PGE's service territory. One of the key projects is the Marquam Substation project, slated for completion in 2018.

The Marquam project will retire aging infrastructure at Stephens Substation and improve reliability for the downtown network. It will also provide needed facilities to address continuing load growth in the South Waterfront District and on Marquam Hill.

Marquam work in 2015 included multiple substation improvements, network feeder improvements, new transmission lines, and an underground transmission circuit in the new TriMet Tilikum Crossing. Other substation work last year includes:

  • A rebuild of the Harrison Substation in Southeast Portland to a new 115kV gas-insulated switchgear station, and new communications, transmission and distribution services around Harrison.
  • New 35kV distribution service from Shute Substation to support planned growth in the Hillsboro area. This project was put into service in March 2015 and involved constructing two new 115kV transmission lines from Sunset Substation, and building a new substation with two initial 50 MVA transformers, 35kV switchgear and 35kV distribution for commercial and industrial loads.
  • Converting the Gresham-area Ruby North Substation from a 57kV transmission-only switching station that served an aging Ruby South Substation to a new distribution substation that replaced Ruby South. The newly named Ruby Substation went into service in February 2015.