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Work safely around electric lines

Make sure your employees know these critical safety rules.

  • Beware of power lines! Consider ALL power lines energized and dangerous.
  • Survey your job site every day to find overhead lines, poles and guy wires.
  • Stay at least 10 feet away from ALL overhead power lines. Keep yourself and all tools, equipment and materials back. Lines carrying voltage higher than 50 kV require greater distance. When cranes are involved, keep the crane boom and load at least 20 feet away.
  • Use a dedicated spotter to help you stay clear of overhead lines when you’re operating equipment.
  • If your equipment contacts a power line, stay on the equipment and warn others to stay away. Move the equipment away from the line if you can do so safely. Have someone call 911, then PGE to report the emergency. If you try to get out and you touch the ground and electrified equipment at the same time, you’ll complete the circuit to ground and you could be electrocuted.

    If you have to get out of the equipment due to a fire, jump clear with both feet together, and make sure you don’t touch the equipment when you touch the ground. Then, keeping your feet together at all times, shuffle or hop at least 50 feet away from the equipment and downed line. Avoid jumping into water the line is touching.
  • Call 811 before you dig. Call at least two full business days advance to have underground utilities marked.

View more safety tips or call PGE for power line assistance or questions: 800-544-1795.