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Funding our future

Oregon Zoo benefits from PGE Renewable Development Fund

More than 150,000 customers choose Green FutureSM renewable energy from PGE and that choice is making a big impact on our community. Since 1999, the PGE Renewable Development Fund has helped pay for many local renewable power projects that wouldn't be possible otherwise.

One of the beneficiaries of the Fund is the Oregon Zoo's education center. The center's theme, “Small Things Matter", shows 1.6 million visitors each year how small conservation actions, like supporting renewable energy, make a big difference.

The Renewable Development Fund helped the nonprofit zoo expand the number of solar panels atop the new center. The funding will also help educate Oregonians through special areas that demonstrate the benefits of renewable energy and teach visitors how they, too, can switch to green power.

All of this supports the zoo’s ambitious goal to be the first zoo in the country with a net zero facility that generates as much energy as it consumes. The zoo also purchases Clean WindSM power at the highest Platinum level, matching 100 percent of the energy they use with clean wind power. Learn more about your renewable power options.

Do you have a renewable project that needs financial help to get off the ground?

The 2018 Request For Proposal process will be open April 16 – June 15. Third-party vendors evaluate applications based on return on investment, innovative technology and the public education potential of each project.

For more information and a list of recently approved projects, visit