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What's on the horizon

Here is a first look at key initiatives we're working on to help your business thrive.

Ensuring your electricity is reliable and secure

Over the next five years we'll be making proactive, strategic investments in the grid and our technology to modernize our system, reduce operating and maintenance costs and meet your changing needs.

These necessary improvements include:

  • Replacing and upgrading infrastructure
  • Strengthening and enhancing our technology
  • Increasing cyber security
  • Making seismic upgrades

Planning ahead for your future energy needs

We've developed a four-year plan for selecting energy resources to meet your future energy needs. Our Integrated Resource Plan outlines how we will ensure reliability and deliver on Oregon's carbon and renewable power goals.

The IRP calls for:

  • More energy efficiency and customer-side demand response. That means, we’ll become more energy efficient by working with customers like you, to help you change your electric use from your normal patterns of using electricity to using electricity when it is most readily available and cost-effective, so that together, we can all help manage electric loads.
  • Renewable energy resources to meet state requirements
  • Resources that can be ramped up and down quickly to complement renewable power and ensure reliability

The plan is the result of 18 months of analysis and research, including meetings and workshops to solicit input from customer groups, environmental advocates, regulators, energy experts, and other key stakeholders.

We filed the plan with the OPUC in November 2016 where it is under review as we engage with stakeholders in an ongoing process. We'll update you as the planning process unfolds.

Learn more about the IRP.

Providing more power for you on demand

In order to keep producing and supplying power to meet your needs at the best price possible, this fall PGE will transition to the Western Energy Imbalance Market, a real-time energy wholesale market that will allow us to access regional, lowest-cost energy that will automatically dispatch electricity to meet your needs. PGE’s participation in the Western EIM will enable us to access a larger and more diverse resource mix, including the region’s growing array of renewable power resources.

Stay tuned to Power Report for more information on these and other initiatives for 2017 and beyond as we work to power your success.