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Working to keep your power reliable

We’re committed to providing you with safe and reliable energy. That’s why we’re continuing our Proactive Underground Cable Replacement Program, which replaces aging cable lines before they cause a problem and potentially affect your business.

While we’ve always had a team dedicated to repairing damaged cables, our Proactive program aims to identify and prevent issues before they occur. To make this happen, we look at factors like age, insulation type and the load carried. Then, we identify which cables are most risky for customers and replace them.

The program is already helping communities and businesses in Oregon. Before launching in 2015, aging cable was causing outages for a large local business. We examined the area, concluded it required intervention and replaced 2,400 feet of cable around their facility. The company hasn’t had a power disruption since.

Before we go into an area to do replacement work, we reach out to local businesses and homes well in advance–helping to minimize the impact on day-to-day operations. Our customer account managers also work with larger companies to ensure any required shutdowns fit with their operational needs and constraints.

To date, PGE has replaced 13 high-risk cables that distribute energy from our substations—called “getaways”—as well as 18 miles of smaller ones that connect individual neighborhoods. Throughout the rest of 2017, we plan to replace up to another 28 miles of cable lines to help reduce outages, strengthen the local energy grid and keep businesses like yours running smoothly and efficiently.