PGE Renewable Development Fund making a difference

$13 million now available thanks to you

When you purchase renewable energy, you support the development of new renewable power projects in Oregon. Since 1999, your support has funded many local renewable power projects through the PGE Renewable Development Fund. These include:

Portland Public Schools: Solar Installation 2015

More than 4,000 solar panels on six schools generate renewable energy for the schools and provide an energy education opportunity for students.

OMSI: Solar Installation 2010

The first of its kind in the U.S., a solar canopy in the south parking lot harnesses solar power to recharge everything from personal electronics to electric vehicles.

Oregon Solar Highway: 2008

The Baldock solar highway project on I-5 near Wilsonville has almost 7,000 panels and generates almost 9 percent of ODOT’s energy needs in PGE’s operating area.

Habitat for Humanity: Solar installation 2006

Produces 1.1 kW of energy for a Habitat for Humanity house in North Portland.

Oregon State Capitol Building: Solar Installation 2002

Provides solar power to the grid and lights the 8.5-ton bronze and gold-leaf Oregon Pioneer statue atop the capitol in Salem.

PGE announces RFP process for local renewable projects

Historically, PGE has focused on larger capacity projects that, without the Renewable Development Fund’s support, would likely not have been built. Thanks to the rapidly growing number of PGE renewable power customers like you, the fund has grown to $13 million. Because of this accelerated growth, we're announcing a new RFP process to distribute funding among many more projects.

We’ve hired experienced third-party vendors to accept and evaluate applications for project funding. We will evaluate the real-world performance of these completed projects and, as always, report back to you. This process continues to be overseen by the Portfolio Options Committee, a group of stakeholders representing groups including Citizens Utility Board, Renewable Northwest Project, Oregon Public Utility Commission and Oregon Department of Energy. The Committee will submit an annual report to the Oregon Public Utility Commission that details how these funds were allocated.

Projects will be awarded funding based on return on investment, innovative technology and the public education potential of the project. We encourage renewable power developers to apply for funding through our easy online application process when it launches early this year. For the latest information and to be put on the mailing list for announcements, visit