EcoBaby Gear creates a better environment for families

EcoBaby Gear was born in 2008 to provide an all-inclusive store that features eco-friendly baby products. The Southeast Portland and online store searches out furniture, mattresses, car seats, clothing and toys that meet the highest standards. Their goal is to help increase awareness and keep families safe from toxic chemicals found in consumer products intended for children.

EcoBaby Gear purchases Green Source power, replacing 100 percent of the energy needs of the store with renewable energy. Renewable Report recently spoke with owner Diana Moore about EcoBaby Gear’s sustainability efforts.

Q: Why did EcoBaby Gear decide to purchase renewable energy?

A: Since we sell eco-friendly products for babies, it seemed only fitting that we should be part of this global mission. As a responsible parent, citizen and store owner, I want the best for our children, grandchildren and future children. The benefits of participating outweigh the extra cost by helping to create clean, renewable sources of secure energy for our homes and our businesses.

Q: What are some of your other sustainability initiatives?

A: When we opened our store, we made sure that it would be constructed in the greenest possible way. We chose eco-friendly bamboo flooring, no-VOC paints and LED lighting for efficiency, because our store environment is extremely important to us. Recycling, reducing and reusing boxes and packaging materials a second time is not only cost-effective but good for the planet. We are very mindful of the companies we work with, purchasing only products made and sourced in North America and from overseas companies that meet strict environmental standards.

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