Green Future Solar is officially sold out!

Thanks to your overwhelming support and interest, Green Future Solar — our first solar energy offering, sold out in its first six months.

“We consistently hear how much our customers value keeping things local,” says Josh Halley, renewable program manager. “Green Future Solar is our first renewable product that is completely sourced locally, with 100 percent of the energy coming from Willamina. We’re excited to see everyone’s enthusiasm and support.”

Green Future Solar started because of your interest in affordable, reliable and sustainable electricity. Many of you want a solar option but live in a shaded area, rent your home or lease your business’ building. Each of the 2,935 Green Future Solar “blocks” equals 1 kW of solar energy, about the same as four average panels or about 14 percent of an average home’s energy use. This allows you to support solar energy no matter where you live or work.*

You — and the more than 130,000 other customers who purchase renewable energy — have also contributed to our Renewable Development Fund. Because of your support, we will be able to fund more new local renewable projects like solar panels on schools — up to $11 million dollars will get awarded this year! We look forward to sharing more news about the projects selected for funding in the upcoming year and other renewable power innovations we have coming your way.

If you aren’t participating in Green Future Solar, but are interested in future solar projects please fill out a short contact form, and we will let you know when future installments become available.

Did you know you can track the energy generated by Green Future Solar online? The energy generated varies based on weather, but the average output per block is an estimated 1,250 kWh per year and has the same environmental benefit as not driving more than 1,869 miles. Check it out!

*Average compared to the lower 48 U.S. states. Claims based on the average PGE renewable energy customer using 726 kWh per month.