Why do you go green?

Meet your neighbors

More than 140,000 of you have chosen a renewable power option from PGE. That’s a lot of people with many different reasons for supporting renewable energy. Let’s meet some of the members of our growing green community.

First up: Julia and Reid Barrett

After meeting while working in Beijing, China, they moved to Portland because it’s bike-friendly with clean air and easy access to the outdoors. In an effort to bring their two worlds together, they opened a food truck in town called The Dump Truck that slings Chinese-style steamed dumplings with a twist.

Julia says it was a “no brainer” to choose the Green SourceSM option for their home. “It checked a lot of my boxes: sustainable power, it's convenient, and it fits with our budget. It’s a small thing we can do and you made it so easy. Plus the rate is so small — it’s a really easy thing to say yes to.”

Reid agrees. “We do the little things you’re supposed to do — recycle, use LEDs/CFLs, and buy renewable energy — they’re small things but all the small things add up.”

Moberi pedals forward with renewable power

Superfood cafe Moberi  started in 2011 as the original bike powered smoothie bar, but they’re becoming more known for their premium acai bowls and smoothies. For the first three years of business, every smoothie was made using bicycle-powered blenders. Now, customers have the option to pedal their own smoothie, but it’s not required.

Moberi purchases Green Source power, replacing 100 percent of the energy needs of their southwest and northwest Portland locations with renewable energy. “It was an obvious choice for us,” says owner Ryan Carpenter. “Using renewable energy fits in with Moberi’s company values.”

Choosing renewable energy isn’t the only way they show their commitment to sustainability. Since Moberi’s opening day, they’ve been members of 1% for the planet , an organization whose mission is to build, support and activate an alliance of businesses financially committed to creating a healthy planet. From pedal-powered charging stations to bike blenders, all of Moberi’s locations have an interactive option for customers to curb their use of energy.

Thanks for joining the Barretts and Moberi in supporting renewable energy! Since 2002, all of our renewable customers collectively have helped avoid more than 7 billion pounds of CO2 from entering the atmosphere, which has the same environmental benefit as planting 1.1 million trees or taking 958,570 cars off the road*.

*Source: U.S. EPA eGRID