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Farms, fish and going with the flow

Habitat Support funds restore Willamette River on farmlands

Planting 250,000 native trees and shrubs would be impossible on your own. But if you’ve added Habitat Support to your renewable option, you've helped make it possible to do this and much more to restore a vital fish habitat north of Monroe along the Willamette River.

This large 389-acre area is home to many families who have farmed there for generations. The Greenbelt Land Trust worked closely with these families to learn how to manage such vast acreage and make sure their effort helped both farmers and the fish.

For example, when heavy rains flooded the area, not only was it hard to farm, but young salmon and trout were often trapped after the waters receded. With $25,000 from the PGE Habitat Support Fund, you made it possible to connect a 2.5-mile side channel to the river, so the fish have vital shelter and safe places to raise their baby fish.

In addition to trees, the Trust also planted hundreds of pounds of native grass and flower seed so this formerly farmed floodplain is once again a thriving place for fish and wildlife.

Not a Habitat Support customer yet? It’s easy to support projects like this by simply adding Habitat Support to your renewable option.