Request for Proposals

Enabling Oregon’s energy future

Bringing more carbon-free, renewable power to Oregon

In 2016, PGE joined a broad coalition of customer groups and other advocates to develop and support the Oregon Clean Electricity and Coal Transition Plan, which was passed into law by the Oregon Legislative Assembly. The new law doubled Oregon’s renewable energy standard and set a firm timeline for coal-fired generation to be eliminated from the company’s resource mix.

Now, we’re working to implement the law, while at the same time exploring and implementing other strategies to reduce our carbon footprint and assure our customers’ supply of clean, affordable, reliable, safe and secure electricity for years to come.

2018 Renewable RFP

PGE’s 2018 Renewable Request For Proposals was completed with our announcement that we’re working with a subsidiary of NextEra Energy Resources to build the Wheatridge Renewable Energy Facility in eastern Oregon – the first large-scale energy project in North America to co-locate wind and solar power generation with battery storage. We’re currently working on our next integrated resource plan, which we expect to submit to the Oregon Public Utility Commission during the summer of 2019. If that plan results in a need for us to issue additional requests for proposals for new generating resources, we’ll post that information here.