Resource Planning

Creating a sustainable energy future for Oregon

Powering the future

As our region’s population and industries grow, PGE is planning strategically for new, cost-effective and more sustainable ways to generate electricity.

PGE periodically develops an Integrated Resource Plan outlining our strategy for meeting our customers’ future energy needs.

The plan incorporates years of research, analysis and public input to identify the best mix of resources to serve our customers, taking into account new technologies, market conditions and regulatory requirements.

PGE is currently in its 2016 integrated resource planning cycle, which includes outreach to customers, regulators and other stakeholders for input. You can get a quick overview, or read more about our Integrated Resource Plan in detail, including how you can participate.

Sustainable resources

PGE continues to invest in renewable power projects, like wind and solar, including our two wind farms

Tucannon River Wind Farm located on 20,000 acres near Dayton, Wash., which began operation in early 2015.

Biglow Canyon Wind Farm on 25,000 acres in Wasco, Ore.

Exploring diverse options

Biomass at Boardman: PGE is testing the potential to convert our Boardman Plant into a renewable energy generation facility using biomass for fuel.

Permitting at Carty: PGE is pursuing permits to provide an option for a build-ready site in Boardman, ORs that could be available for third parties to use in a proposal during our next formal Request for Proposals for power plants. PGE has no preferred outcome for the site. Key stakeholders expect us to have a site like this ready to make sure we get the best deal for our customers no matter what option ultimately wins out.

Increasing efficiencies

PGE continually looks for ways to update our system and facilities to be more efficient and help our customers use energy efficiently, too. We are:

  • Helping customers use energy wisely by providing advice on energy-efficiency upgrades and connecting them to Energy Trust of Oregon incentives that make efficiency more affordable.
  • Investing in transmission system improvements to better serve customers and deliver power from new resources.
  • Leveraging new technologies, including the smart meter system, which has allowed us to reduce our meter-reading vehicle fleet, cutting 1.2 million miles of driving each year. And as part of the smart grid, smart meters also give customers detailed information to help them save energy.
  • Extending our distributed-generation network by tapping customers’ stand-by generators to meet peak demand.
  • Offering renewable-power choices for homes and businesses, which help foster the development of more renewable resources.
  • Encouraging efficient transportation options for homes and businesses using electric vehicles.
  • Analyzing and advocating for policies and legislation, at the state and federal levels, which meet Oregon’s energy needs in an increasingly sustainable way. 

Integrated Resource Plan Integrated Resource Plan

PGE is currently seeking feedback for its 2016 IRP. To provide feedback, fill out our form.

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