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Exploring Every Option

PGE’s balanced Integrated Resource Plan (IRP)

Input, discussions and solutions

We understand that future energy plans affect all Oregonians, which is why we are working together with our regulators and stakeholders to find the best solution. The goal: Meet our customers’ future energy needs with the lowest possible impact on the environment, while continuing to provide affordable, reliable service.

The resource planning process is designed to be flexible and incorporates feedback from a wide variety of stakeholders — including our customers. We’ve held public meetings to solicit input from customer groups, environmental advocates, regulators, and energy experts.

If our Integrated Resource Plan is acknowledged by our regulators, we plan to start a competitive bidding process for renewable resources, as well as any remaining balance of capacity needs not secured through bilateral negotiations.

'Meeting our customers' future energy needs with the lowest possible impact on the environment, while maintaining affordable, reliable service'

A look at the numbers

  • 18 months of research and public meetings have gone into creating our plan.
  • The first resources our plan considers are always energy efficiency measures.
  • To provide the most affordable power possible, our plan will also include short-term decisions that will take advantage of tax credits and favorable market conditions.

Multiple energy options provide balance