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Smart Grid

The future will be something to see

What is the smart grid?

Until recently, electricity has flowed pretty much as it had for more than a century — in a one-way stream from where it’s generated to where it’s used.

But new smart grid technologies create a two-way exchange of electric power and information that help us make our system more efficient and more reliable for our customers. It also offers customers more choices and tools to save electricity to and use it more sustainably.

Benefits of the Smart Grid

Is more efficient and reliable

  • Smart meters allow PGE to more quickly pinpoint outages and reduce outage time.
  • At our Salem Smart Power Center we’re testing technologies that can isolate outages and help get power back on faster.
  • Smart grid technology could one day enable your electric vehicle’s battery to provide back-up power to your home and the grid during an outage.
  • Our newest substation connects different parts of our grid to improve reliability.

Helps you save energy and control costs

  • Online tools like Energy TrackerSM and Energy Expert help you track when and how you use energy so you can pinpoint ways to save.
  • Energy PartnerSM pays businesses to voluntarily reduce energy use when demand for electricity is high, such as on the hottest days of summer or the coldest days of winter.
  • Dispatchable Standby Generation helps cover the standby generator costs for businesses, in exchange for providing energy when demand is high.
  • Smart meters lay the groundwork for programs that incent customers to use more of their power at night, when it’s less expensive.

Boosts sustainability

The smart grid allows for better integration of variable renewable resources like solar and wind.

Smart meters have allowed us to drive 1.2 million fewer miles per year, saving 80,000 gallons of gasoline and reducing CO2 emissions by 1.5 million pounds every year.

Smart meter communication Smart meter communication

Virtually all PGE customers now have smart meters, which help you monitor your energy use and save money.

Smart power in Salem Smart power in Salem

The Salem Smart Power Project is showing the benefits of the smart grid while powering businesses and saving energy.

Track energy, save money Track energy, save money

Use Energy Trackerâ„  to see how and when you use your energy.