Smart Grid Test Bed

Rethink energy, shape the future

The way we use energy is changing, and individuals and businesses want a larger role in controlling their energy costs, reducing their carbon footprint and contributing to a clean energy future.

By working to develop flexible smart grid infrastructure, PGE will meet those demands while continuing to keep energy efficient and reliable.

Test Bed neighborhoods

To start this journey, we’re launching the Smart Grid Test Bed — a multi-year learning program around Hillsboro, Milwaukie and in North Portland.

The Test Bed will help rethink how we use energy through new technologies, programs and products, while still allowing customers to have control over their comfort settings, use more renewable energy, and keeping it reliable and affordable.

Check out the neighborhoods below to see whether your home or business is in a test bed area.

North Portland

Smart Grid Test Bed Overlook Map


Smart Grid Test Bed Milwaukie Map


Smart Grid Test Bed Hillsboro Map

Reduce your carbon footprint to earn rebates this summer

Participating in Peak Time Rebates is a great way to lower carbon emissions and reduce your carbon footprint. By shifting energy use when energy demand is highest, you’ll help bring more renewable energy into the mix, taking us all one step closer to a clean energy future.

Peak Time Rebates Participation Counter 

And when neighbors compete, the environment wins! During this summer season, the three Smart Grid Test Bed neighborhoods will compete to see which one can participate in the most Peak Time events to reduce carbon emissions. And you can win prizes too.

  • Sweepstakes to win Amazon gift cards valued at $300, $200 and $100 at the end of the season. Each time you earn a rebate this summer, you’ll be entered to win!
  • A donation of $5,000 to Friends of Trees to plant trees in the winning Test Bed community

Reducing carbon. Competing with neighbors. Let the summer games begin!

See full sweepstakes rules.

Vea las reglas del concurso.

Learn more about PTR and carbon reduction.

Peak Time Rebates

As a resident in the nation’s first Smart Grid Test Bed, you were automatically enrolled in Peak Time Rebates.

Peak Time Rebates rewards you directly on your PGE bill for shifting your energy use for a couple of hours on certain days when outside temperatures are unusually hot or cold. By participating, you help keep prices affordable and allow us to rely more on renewable energy during peak times.

It’s simple, and completely voluntary. You can participate in as many or as few Peak Time Events as you like. To track Peak Time Rebate rewards, visit or create your Portland General web account.

The power of we starts with me

Even if you’re not in a Test Bed neighborhood, here are some things you can do today that will integrate with the smart grid in the future:

  • Sign up for Peak Time Rebates or enroll in the Smart Thermostat Program. Shifting your energy use during peak times can earn you rebates.
  • Visit the Energy Trust of Oregon to learn about energy efficient appliances and rebates.
  • Buy an electric vehicle. The next time you’re ready for a new car, consider switching to an electric vehicle. It’s cost effective, great for the environment and fun to drive.
  • Have a business? Consider signing up for the Energy Partner program. You can get paid to use less energy for a few hours during times when everyone else is using more. Energy Partner has options for every size of business, including free smart thermostats with free installation.

Our role

The smart grid is a necessary upgrade to meet our shared climate and community goals. The Test Bed will be the hub that brings together separate pieces of technology and energy delivery to produce a more integrated grid for the future.

To build the Test Bed, we will upgrade existing feeders and substations — the equipment we use to move electricity — with advanced automation distribution technologies. These upgraded sensors, processors and communication devices can help improve reliability and service quality. They’ll also transform the traditional one-way flow of electricity into a two-way flow of electricity and information.

We’re here to help

Do you have more questions about the Test Bed or smart grids? We’d be glad to answer them. Contact us at, and we’ll walk you through everything.

Thank you for being part of Oregon’s clean energy future.