Improving the Energy Grid

Upgraded power lines coming your way

Strengthening the Energy Grid

Wondering what the construction in your neighborhood is all about? PGE is launching several multi-year projects to upgrade its power lines with newer equipment.

Our goal is to improve and upgrade electrical service by replacing aging equipment with smart grid technology to increase resiliency, while reducing unintended outages.

Multiple projects are being launched throughout PGE’s service territory. See if your neighborhood is on the list below!

During construction

We will be cutting into streets, sidewalks and planter strips during construction. You can also expect some traffic delays in and near the work area.

Is your neighborhood on the list? See the schedule below.


Portland Metro Area

As always, safety first

Safety is our top priority for every construction site. When electrical equipment or trenches are exposed, crews will be on-site at all times.

When crews are off-site at night or on weekends, all electrical equipment, trenches and potholes will be covered and barricaded to ensure your safety. Please stay away from any electrical equipment and cables, and make sure children know to never touch any electrical equipment.


See our underground line improvement FAQ.

For questions about this work, please call our customer service representatives at 503-612-3730.

Thank you

We appreciate your patience as we work to improve electrical service for you and your neighbors.