Division Street Project FAQ

Learn how we’re strengthening the energy grid, and improving service and safety for you

What’s going on? Why is PGE doing construction?

PGE is upgrading and installing equipment that will support PBOT and TriMet projects along Division Street. This work will include relocating and installing power poles and lines in preparation for those projects. To complete our work safely, we will need to temporarily shut off power to a small number of customers to relocate and transfer service equipment.

How is PGE communicating this information in advance to customers?

We‘re committed to being a good neighbor and learning more about your needs. For business customers who will experience a planned outage, a crew member from our contractor, DJ Electrical, will be having a face-to-face conversation with you to determine the best time to coordinate a planned outage on your block.

We plan to work diligently with you through direct mail to residents and face-to-face contact with businesses to make sure you know about the temporary planned outages in advance.

Not everyone will have a planned outage, but those that do will likely have an outage only on one day, for a brief period at night.

Our communications have included:

  • A walking team that will cover the area to make sure all restaurants, shops and businesses are aware and prepared in advance for these outages.
  • Mailed communication distributed weeks in advance with a date, map and preparation tips.
  • A detailed web page covering all aspects of the project with a robust fact sheet translated into Spanish, Mandarin, Russian, Thai, and Vietnamese.
  • Street signage posted a week prior to each outage to notify public transit users, shoppers and foot traffic in the area.

What areas will be affected?

The proposed PGE work area will run along about 50 intersections along Division Street from SE 12th to SE 174th, and construction-related noise could affect locations within three blocks of Division. We will notify all addresses within this area.

The proposed area affected by PGE planned outages will run along Division St. from SE 12th to SE 174th, and should not affect locations more than one block from PGE work areas. We will notify all addresses within this area that will experience a planned outage with a door hanger.

Did PGE get permitting for this project?

PGE and our contractor, DJ Electrical, went through all the proper channels to get the City’s approval and permitting for this work.

When will the planned outages happen?

This project covers a large area along Division St. and there are many factors that will determine when power will be shut off in certain areas. Residential customers who will have a planned outage will get a door hanger notification at least 48 hours in advance of the outage. Businesses that will have an outage will be soon contacted face-to-face by our contractor, DJ Electrical.

How did PGE choose the dates for these planned outages?

Dates and times of the outages are determined based on the needs of the project. We are trying to determine the best time to coordinate a planned outage in this area, and we’re gathering input from businesses to help identify the needs of the project. Planned outages will mostly happen overnight to limit their impact.

Though not anticipated, your outage could be rescheduled. If so, we will leave a follow-up door hanger with the new date and time for your outage.

How long will power be out?

You will likely be without power for a brief period on just one day. However, there are many factors involved, so the outage could last several hours.

How should businesses and residents of the area prepare?

Even though we expect power will be interrupted only briefly during the night, we encourage everyone in the affected areas to take some simple steps to prepare:

  • It’s a good idea for all businesses and residents to always have outage kits ready, with flashlights, fresh batteries and other essentials.
  • Have manual backup plans for electronic door locks, cash registers and other essential equipment.
  • Use high-quality surge protectors on computers and other electronics, or consider unplugging them just prior to the outage and plugging them back in after power is restored.
  • If you choose to use a portable generator to power essential equipment during the outage, use extreme caution and follow important generator safety rules to protect yourself, others and your equipment.
  • See Prepare My Business or Prepare My Home for more tips.

Why does PGE have to turn off the power to complete this work?

PGE’s top priority is the safety of our crews and the public. . If you require power for your medical or disability needs, please contact us at 503-612-3730. We’re here to help.

An outage is necessary as we will be transferring power from the existing lines to new lines. To complete this switch safely, we need to deenergize the effected equipment and perform some minor modifications to the system before we can fully restore power.

Can I use a portable generator during this planned outage to power essential equipment?

Yes, but only if you use extreme caution and follow all generator safety rules to protect yourself, others and your equipment.

Never plug a generator into a wall outlet. It’s tempting, but doing so could produce dangerous back feed of electricity into utility lines, which could cause serious injury or death to a PGE crew member working outside on lines they think are deenergized. I can also destroy the generator, seriously damage the wiring or start an electrical fire. Only plug an individual appliance into the receptacle outlet of the generator. Always operate your generator outside.

Should I call PGE when my power goes out?

If you received a Division Street Project door hanger with your outage information, there is no need to call us to report the outage since this is a planned event. We appreciate your patience as we complete these important system upgrades. If you did not receive a door hanger and you experience an outage, please call us.

How can I protect refrigerated or frozen food?

If you don’t open the door, a refrigerator will keep food cold for up to four hours; freezers will keep food frozen for 24 to 48 hours. See foodsafety.gov for more information.

For food service facilities, you may want to consider rescheduling the delivery of any perishable food items around these dates.

What about traffic lights and other safety issues?

We’re taking steps to ensure your safety. Here’s how you can help:

  • Watch for temporary lane or street closures and detours. Allow extra time for commuting through these areas.
  • Follow directions from any flaggers, detours and signs used to keep drivers, cyclists, pedestrians and workers safe.
  • Watch for “no parking” signs. To keep pedestrians and vehicles safe, we will reserve street parking to make room for equipment and create a safety buffer around our work area.
  • Please avoid all work areas and equipment, and make sure children.