Division System Upgrades

We want to help you prepare for construction and a temporary outage this fall

As we work toward Oregon’s clean energy future, we’re strengthening the energy grid to make it smarter, more efficient and more reliable for you. Among our many projects, we’re replacing aging power lines and poles around the area of Southeast 50th Avenue and Division Street to strengthen service for this growing neighborhood.

To safely complete these important upgrades and energize the new lines, we will need to temporarily interrupt power in the areas highlighted on the map below. See below for information about these important system improvement outages.

Division System Upgrades map

What can you expect during construction?

Beginning the week of Oct. 21, PGE crews and trucks will be in the work area shown on the map. Crews may be working in multiple areas at the same time. We will be digging holes, removing old poles, and installing new poles and power lines. Following construction, we will restore any streets and sidewalks disturbed in our work area.

Important traffic and safety tips

We’re taking steps to ensure your safety. Here’s how you can help:

  • Watch for temporary lane or street closures and detours. Allow extra time for commuting through these areas.
  • Follow directions from any flaggers, detours and signs used to keep drivers, cyclists, pedestrians and workers safe.
  • Watch for no-parking signs. To keep pedestrians and vehicles safe, we will reserve street parking spaces to accommodate equipment and create a safety buffer around our work area.
  • For the safety of your personal property, please be prepared to remove any tables, chairs or signs from the sidewalk or other public rights of way when we start working in your area.
  • Please avoid all work areas and equipment, and make sure children know to never touch the equipment.

What can you expect during the temporary system improvement outage?

  • The outages are planned for the week of Oct. 28.
  • If you’re in the highlighted area on the map above, you will likely be without power for a brief period on just one night. However, there are many factors involved, so your event could last several hours.
  • We will send you a letter prior to the outage with the schedule for your address. We will also post the schedule here.
  • Please use our outage tips below to help you prepare.
  • If you are outside of the area highlighted on the map, your power will not be affected.

Be prepared

We’re preparing carefully for this project, and we’re coordinating with the city on traffic and safety issues. Even though we are planning for a brief outage, we want to help you be prepared, too.

  • There is no need to call PGE to report the outage since it’s a planned activity.
  • Keep outage essentials on hand
    • Flashlights and extra batteries.
    • Car chargers for cell phones, laptops or tablets.
  • Protect electrical equipment
    • Wherever possible, turn off electrical equipment — lights, electronics, computers, stoves — just prior to the scheduled outage. This helps protect your equipment from the risk of a power surge and also reduces initial load on the electrical system when power comes back online.
    • Protect computers and other equipment with high-quality surge protection.
    • Prevent data loss with automatic backup programs and battery backup systems.
  • Minimize food loss
    • Keep refrigerators closed when the power is off — food will stay cold for up to four hours. A freezer will protect food for about 24 to 48 hours. Check foodsafety.gov for more information.

Special outage tips for businesses

When you receive the date and timing of the outage at your location, please give your staff, customers or apartment residents advance notice that the power will be off temporarily.

Here are some other tips to minimize disruptions:

  • If your building has standby generators or emergency lighting, check now to make sure the systems are working properly
  • Make sure fire alarms are set to not notify emergency responders during the outage.
  • Verify that dry-pipe fire sprinkler systems have the standby power they need.
  • Arrange manual backups for work performed on computers and cash registers (for example, a lockbox with sufficient cash).
  • Ensure electronic door locks, including gates and doors on parking garages, can be bypassed manually.
  • You might also want to consider rescheduling the delivery of perishables that may normally occur on the outage date.

Building a brighter energy future for you

These upgrades will boost reliability to reduce the risk of outages, keep pace with the growth in our region and help improve overall system operations for all customers. This is just one of many projects we’re working on to modernize the energy grid and create a platform for a clean energy future.

Thank you for your patience as we strengthen the energy grid.

If you have a question about how this project may affect you, please contact us at 503-612-3730 or see our system improvement outage FAQ.