Main Substation Upgrade

Learn how we’re strengthening the energy grid and improving service for you

As we work toward Oregon’s clean energy future, we’re strengthening the energy grid to make it smarter, more efficient and more reliable for you. Our efforts include an important, multi-year Hillsboro reliability project that will involve upgrading power lines and substations throughout the area. One of our first proposed projects will be updating our Main substation, located at 225 NE 24th Ave. The upgrade will improve reliability and resiliency to help prevent outages and meet the demands of growth in the surrounding area.

In addition to installing new equipment at the substation, we will expand the existing fence line 35 feet to the south, within our property, to accommodate the new equipment and improve safety. We’ll also add addtional landscaping and screening around the substation. We plan to begin construction in January 2021.

Main Substation map

Building a brighter future for you

This is just one of many projects we’re working on to enhance and modernize the energy grid, making it smarter and more resilient, and creating a platform for a clean energy future.

Thank you for your patience as we strengthen the energy grid.

For more information about this project, please contact us at 503-612-3730.

Para información en español, por favor llame 503-612-3730.

Frequently Asked Questions

What changes is PGE making to the Main Substation?

We are planning a complete upgrade and expansion of the existing substation. We’ll be working in stages so your power will not be interrupted. The proposed work will include:

  • Removing the existing landscaping and equipment.
  • Installing new, more resilient, more secure smart grid technology that can handle a larger load.
  • Expanding the substation yard and moving the fence 35 feet to the south, on our property, to accommodate the new equipment and to provide additional equipment clearance for better safety.
  • Installing sensor lights for improved security.
  • Installing new landscaping that will enhance the area.

How will this construction affect traffic?

We want to ensure your safety during this construction project, so temporary lane closures may be needed at times. Please follow any detours and signs placed to keep drivers, cyclists, pedestrians and workers safe. Allow extra time for commuting through this area or consider alternate routes.

What’s happening to the trees and other landscaping around the substation?

We will need to remove some trees and other landscaping in order to install the new equipment and expand the fence line. When construction is complete, we’ll plant new landscaping that will enhance the area and meet city tree standards.