2016 Price Changes

Price changes largely offset each other for most PGE customers in 2016.

The Oregon Public Utility Commission approved an overall price decrease for PGE customers of about 2.5 percent beginning Jan. 1, 2016, followed by an overall increase of 2.5 percent on Aug. 1, 2016.

The January price decrease reflected reductions in PGE’s wholesale power and fuel costs as well as several other credits and adjustments. The August price increase reflected primarily the cost of bringing the new Carty Generating Station online. Together, the two changes leave most PGE customers paying about the same amount for electricity in 2016 as they paid in 2015.

The impact of specific price changes varies for individual customers depending on the amount of power they use each month and the type of service (residential, business, irrigation, etc.) they receive.

For every type of service – whether prices have decreased or increased – PGE and the commission share the goal of making sure prices accurately reflect the cost of providing the electric power you use.

Pricing details by type of service

Type of service Rate schedule January price change August price change
Residential 7 -2.8 percent 2.5 percent
Small business 32 -0.1 percent 2.3 percent
Commercial 83 -1.6 percent 2.8 percent
Large commercial 85 -3.0 percent 3.2 percent
Industrial 89 and 90 -3.6 percent 3.7 percent
Irrigation < 30 kW 47 10.4 percent 1.6 percent
Irrigation > 30 kW 49 9.1 percent 2.3 percent

Controlling energy costs

Whatever price applies to your service, we understand that sometimes it can be difficult to pay your energy bills.

Help may be available through a variety of resources including bill payment assistance for residential customers and energy-efficiency consultations for businesses.

For more information on 2016 prices, see our news release, tariffs, or visit the OPUC website.