Oregon Clean Electricity & Coal Transition Plan

Our customers have made it clear: You want PGE to provide affordable electricity in an increasingly sustainable way. During its 2016 session, Oregon’s Legislature passed a landmark energy bill that will help preserve our environment while protecting PGE customers and our state’s economy.

The new law will transition Oregon off coal-fired electricity generation and double the amount of renewable energy used to serve you. It puts Oregon’s electric utilities on a path to achieve state carbon reduction goals.   It also includes important provisions to keep prices affordable and ensure reliability for all PGE business and residential customers.

PGE was pleased to be part of a collaborative group that developed the Clean Electricity and Coal Transition plan. This diverse group included consumer advocates, environmental organizations, PGE, Pacific Power and businesses. The plan received bipartisan support in the Legislature, and the bill was signed into law by Governor Kate Brown in March. Read more about this groundbreaking legislation.

Read more about how this impacts PGE customers and the environment.

Read the press release.

Dave Robertson

PGE is committed to creating a sustainable, accessible and affordable energy future for all of our customers. The Clean Energy and Coal Transition Plan puts us on a path to meet our ambitious goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions more than 80% by 2050.

Dave Robertson, Vice President of Public Policy