Tips to Save

EASY WAYS to save energy while SAFE AT HOME

  1. Set that thermostat
    • 68 degrees when you’re awake
    • 5 to 10 degrees lower when asleep
  2. Turn off the screens when no one’s watching
    • TV’s, game consoles, cable boxes and computers use a lot of energy
  3. Unplug chargers
    • Device chargers use energy even when they’re not charging anything
  4. Time your showers
    • A hot shower feels great, but that’s a lot of energy going down the drain
  5. Clothes like it cold
    • Most laundry can be done with cold water. Save the hot water for a shower
  6. Load up the dishwasher
    • Save by running a full load at night and letting dishes air dry
  7. Turn off the hot water faucet
    • Don’t let the faucet run when shaving or hand washing dishes
  8. Set your water heater thermostat
    • 120 degrees is perfect for savings and safety
  9. Don’t heat unused rooms
    • If you have baseboard, wall units or other in-room systems, turn the heat down low when unoccupied to save energy and avoid mold
  10. Don’t stare into the fridge
    • The longer you keep the door open, the more energy it wastes
  11. Turn off the vent fan
    • 10 minutes is long enough for kitchen and bathroom vent fans to do their job. After that, turn them off.
  12. Pull the shades
    • Window coverings help hold energy in and the cold out

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