Quick Facts

Serving Portland, Salem and nearby communities with highly reliable power

Portland General Electric has provided electricity to customers in the northern Willamette Valley since 1889. Today, we serve over 840,000 customers within our 4,000-square mile service area, including 52 Oregon cities.

Reflecting our customers’ values

Because our customers’ values power the way we operate, serving our customers means reflecting their diverse views in the way we do business. It is why we consistently lead the nation in renewable power programs and why our company and employees are deeply involved in serving the community.

Safe, reliable power now and for the future

Looking ahead, it’s also why we’re committed to providing safe, reliable power while also caring for our environment. To accomplish this requires a broad mix of generation resources, including hydropower, thermal plants and wind power.

A quick look at PGE

Quick Facts*
Population of service area 1,800,000
State-approved service area
(square miles)
Cities served 52
Average number of retail customers
Total number of employees* 2,600
Operating payroll* $166,556,752
Utility plant assets*  $8,718,492,638
Revenues* $1,899,848,000
Megawatt-hours delivered (retail and direct access)* 19,266,000
Average annual kilowatt-hours per residential customer 10,145
Average annual revenue per residential customer $1,153.76
Residential price per kilowatt-hour 11.37 cents
National residential average price per kilowatt-hour 12.56 cents
2014 peak load (Feb. 6, 2014) 3,866 MW
All-time peak load (Dec. 21, 1998) 4,073 MW

*Figures based on year-end 2014 calendar data

PGE officers

PGE is guided by an executive leadership team. See our officer profiles.